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    What is Bass Intelligence? Bass aren't terribly smart fish, right?  Well, I think there are generations of anglers that have been outsmarted by bass, but that is not really what we mean by Bass Intelligence. Bass Intelligence is all of the knowledge and skill that an angler might need to be successful. Just like our country has a Central Intelligence Agency to collect intelligence on our friends and enemies from around the world, we believe there should be a Central Bass Intelligence Organization that collects and organizes intelligence, or information and strategies, for anglers to use regardless of their skill level. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned angler, Bass Intelligence is a community for you. A beginner can shorten the learning curve by using our resources and asking questions. A seasoned angler can be that resource or teacher, while also learning something new along the way. Bass Intelligence strives to be the premier online community to serve the over 30 million bass anglers in the United States and the millions of others from around the world. 

    Bass Intelligence Features

    While there are many current features and a laundry list of planned features, here are the top features available on Bass Intelligence. 

    1. Logging in could not be easier - With Facebook, Twitter and Google integration, you can use your Facebook and Google account to create an account and log in. 

    2. Forums - Categories and Topics will continue to grow. Post, comment, react and follow.  The content is searchable through the site and on Google. Some content from Facebook Groups will be automatically added. 

    3. Videos - A growing instructional video library from tournament anglers and fishing professionals. As our site grows, this may be opened up to members who create their own instructional content. 

    4. Clubs - Are you involved in a bass club or would you like to create your own mini-community without the skill and overhead of owning your own site? We've got you covered. Create your own public or private club, invite members and format your community and content. Add forums, calendars, blogs, galleries, etc. 

    5. Fishing Logs - Capture your fishing trips online and share with the community. Use this feature as your personal fishing log database, show off or solicit feedback for a bad day on the water. 

    6. Community Map - Bass Intelligence is capturing information on fishing destinations. Review or comment on the locations. We will also be looking for State or regional moderators to add and keep up with locations. 

    7. Product Recommendations - So much of what we do involves equipment. Instead of being a reseller of products, we want to recommend products for use. This list will continue to grow and change based on trends and availability. 

    As our community grows, the features of Bass Intelligence will continue to grow. Join today and tell your friends. Let's build a community that will be a resource for us and the scores of new anglers joining our great sport everyday. 

    Have recommendations on what we can add, change or do better? Let us know!


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