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Feel free to ask specific questions, but I'll add a few things that are good to know...

- When you save a waypoint, that GPS coordinate will be marked at the location of the head unit or GPS pod if you have one added.  That makes a big difference if you mark a waypoint on a brush pile and it marks it under the rear of the boat and you are looking for it from the front of the boat. You will eventually find it, but its good to know where your waypoint is being located. 

- You can mark a waypoint directly from the side imaging screen... this is good for marking a brushpile, stump or rocks on either side and going right back to it. 

- While you can see fish returns, the most common way you will see the fish is from the shadow that is cast from the sonar return. 

- When looking for fish and structure, down and side imaging aren't very effective if you are sitting still. You want to be moving about 1.5 - 2 miles per hour. That is where you will generally get the best returns. Any faster, you miss stuff and any slower it can be distorted. So having your GPS speed displayed on your sidescan view is helpful to make sure you aren't moving too fast. 

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