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What is Bass Intelligence?

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Bass Intelligence is an online community for new and seasoned anglers to learn, share and communicate in a modern, organized environment. Within our community, the following features are available:

One of the most powerful features of this community is its forum. Designed to make it easy for anglers to lean and share, the forums are an excellent way to become engaged with other anglers across the world. Unlike Facebook, the content is searchable and organized. Help us grow the knowledge base and participate in our forums today!

Our staff and members will publish short or long form articles, sharing particular pieces of information or knowledge with the community. 

Members will have the ability to post their own fishing blogs or articles. Have some information you would like to share? Want to write about a recent product experience or fishing trip? Join, start a blog and share. 

Clubs / Tournaments
Are you affiliated with a local bass club or tournament trail? Would you like to advertise your group or tournament? Create a group for your club or trail for the public to see. These groups are indexed and searchable through search engines. Also, if you have a tournament that you would like to publicize, create an event and share with the community or through social media. 

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