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Bass Boat Suggestions

Guest Adam

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I am considering buying a bass boat...  What are some of the things that I should consider when buying a boat?  This will be my first bass boat.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

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This is such a large topic... but there are several important things to consider.  

Obviously, the sky is the limit if you have the money... so try not to get caught up in having every bell and whistle.  The most important thing is, especially if you're buying a used boat, you want to make sure it is safe and dependable. If you're buying used, see if the seller will let you have a trusted mechanic take a look at it, check the engine and the overall condition of the boat. You don't want to buy a boat that is trouble from the start. 

Next, consider how you fish. Are you a casual weekend angler? Do you fish tournaments? Do you have kids that will fish with you?  If you're a casual weekend angler, you don't need a large, very expensive boat. I would focus on finding something in the 17-18 foot range that is comfortable to fish from. Now, if you're fishing tournaments - you already know your fishing style. You would want to look for a boat that is easy to fish your style that has the biggest engine that you can afford. You can always add electronics along the way, but you want the best boat and motor you can get off the bat, since upgrading an engine later on isn't as practical as adding electronics.  Lastly, if you have kids or plan on fishing multiple people out of your boat, 18 and 19 foot boats can feel very small. I recently upgraded to a 21 foot boat, primarily because my sons fish with me. Having myself and 3 kids in the boat can be quite dangerous with smaller boats when you're slinging sharp hooks around. 

Lastly, consider electronics and accessories. If these come on the boat, great... but if not, that's ok. You can add these as you go. Electronics aren't terrible difficult to install yourself, if you're really good at reading instructions, but if not - have these installed by a professional. Again, the sky is the limit for electronics and accessories - which can and should be a whole other topic. Mapping and 2D sonar is the minimum setup that i'd recommend. You absolutely need to see the bottom and you need to know where you're at. Beyond that, Side Scan, 360 and forward facing sonar systems are excellent tools for finding structure and fish, but don't expect to plug these in and catch more fish immediately. These tools take hours and hours of time on the water to learn, and a lot longer to be really good with them. 

If you have any specific questions about any particular component or part of a boat, ask. Someone here will have the answer. If anyone else has anything else to add, comment below. 


Bass Intelligence

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