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Boat Carpet Cleaning

SCBass Guy

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Its time to get the boat cleaned up and going for the year.  What have you all found to clean dirty boat carpet? I'd like to clean and detail it myself, but I've never been able to get my carpet as clean as I'd like.  What do you think?

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I use a pressure washer with a low pressure nozzle. If your pressure washer has a soap intake, even better.  You can use a little dawn dish detergent. Pre-treat any bad spots and brush the detergent into the stain. You have to be careful with your seats though... make sure you don't make direct contact with your seats with the water stream as even low pressure can damage the vinyl. You might even want to consider covering them with something so you cant make contact. High flow, and lower pressure seems to work for me. Let it dry, then vacuum out the left over soap particles and you're probably as clean as you will be short of new carpet. 

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