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  • Top Lures for Big Bass Fishing

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    Bass fishing is an exciting sport that can be enjoyable for bass anglers of all ages and skill levels. For most, the thrill comes from the challenge of catching a big one - one of those trophy largemouth bass that can become a once in a lifetime big bass. If you’re looking to catch your own trophy bass, having the right lures in your tackle box will make a world of difference.

    ...but when it comes fishing for big bass, what is the best lure? The answer depends on a lot of factors: the weather, location, seasonality and more. However, there are three lures in particular that tend to be especially effective when targeting big bass: Jigs, Plastics and Topwater lures.


    Jigs catch big bass! These lures come in various colors and sizes and can be used to catch both smallmouth and largemouth bass. They can be fished at different depths and speeds, making them versatile for all types of conditions. The big bait profile of a jig will mimic a slow moving crawfish. Easily fished in dense cover, jigs can catch largemouth bass that are hard to target with other baits.

    Bass Jig

    When using a jig for big bass fishing, it’s important to use the appropriate weight based on how deep you’re planning on fishing. The size and color of the jig can also make a big difference when trying to catch a big bass. Choose one that will match the color of the crawfish, which can change throughout the season. While small jigs can still catch big bass, a larger jig, like a mop jig with a large profile, could definitely lead to a larger bite.

    Soft Plastics

    Plastics are another popular option when looking to catch big bass. These lures come in various shapes and sizes and can be used to catch both smallmouth and largemouth bass. Unlike jigs, plastics are often made from soft rubber or plastic materials, making them more realistic when imitating natural prey. Plastics, due to their light weight, may also require additional weights to get them down deep into the water column where big bass tend to lurk.

    Bass Plastic Worm

    There are numerous soft plastic techniques and baits to choose from when trying to catch big fish. I've seen many big bass caught on plastic worms being fished on a Carolina rig or Texas rig. These artificial lures can be fished around cover and in deep water. They can also catch fish in almost all water temperatures where an angler would be fishing. These lures are also generally beginner friendly, so they are good to learn with. Many anglers keep these on their boat decks or in their rod lockers.


    The last type of lure we recommend when fishing for a giant bass is topwater lures. These lures are designed to float on the surface of the water, resembling an injured or dying baitfish for bass to feed on. When retrieved properly it can trigger a reaction strike from feeding bass. Topwater lures come in various shapes and sizes, from poppers and frogs to buzz baits and walking baits.

    Topwater Bass

    When fishing with a topwater lure, choose a lure that is the size and shape of natural prey that big bass would normally feed on. It’s also important to use the proper technique when working it; try different retrieves and speeds until you find it draws strikes. Topwater baits are generally not fished in cold water and can be more successful in the early morning and late evening.

    Tips for Big Bass Fishing Success

    Catching a big largemouth bass requires more than just having the right lures. Here are some tips to help increase your chances of catching a big one:

    1. Practice patience – Big bass can be stubborn and may not take the bait right away, so have patience and don’t give up.

    2. Choose the right location – Look for areas with structure like docks, weeds, rocks and other cover where a largemouth bass may be lurking.

    Fishing A Pond? Read This

    3. Pay attention to the weather – Fish actively when there is a good amount of light and wind, but use caution if it gets too hot or stormy as it can become more difficult to catch bass in these conditions.

    Check out our 5 Hot Winter Bass Fishing Tips Here

    4. Understand seasonality - Big fish tend to be more active during certain times of year so pay attention to seasonal patterns when planning your fishing trips.

    5. Proper tackle - Make sure you have the right tackle ready before casting; heavier line and larger hooks are better suited for catching a trophy bass.

    Final Thoughts

    In conclusion, catching a big largemouth bass can be an incredibly rewarding and exciting experience. In our opinion, the three best lures to use when targeting these big fish are jigs, plastics and topwater lures. When using any of these lures, make sure to choose the right size and design based on what the fish are actively feeding on, as well as pay attention to seasonality and weather patterns. Additionally, have patience, choose the right location and make sure you have big bass baits in your tackle box. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to catch a giant bass in no time! Good luck out there!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How common is a 10 pound bass?

    It really depends on the lake, pond or river you are fishing in. Some lakes just have more big bass than others. Most lakes have lunkers, but your chances of catching a smaller bass are astronomically higher than finding that big one. Many bass fishermen consider a bass that is over 8 pounds a trophy, so that would make 10 pounds rare, but you will see it occasionally in most lakes across the country. That's why following the tips above are important when targeting those bigger fish.

    Do big baits catch biggest bass?

    Not always... but it can help. I've seen plenty of giant bass caught on small artificial bait, but in general, the biggest bass will bite big bait. Those fish want the biggest meal for the smallest amount of effort, so a big plastic worm would be a hard meal for a bass to pass up.

    Is Spawning season the best time to catch big fish?

    Fishing shallow water during the spawn can be an excellent way to catch that trophy bass. However, it can be difficult. It takes even the most skilled anglers time and skill to hook some of those big bass that can be seen on the bed in the spring. Throwing a big bait onto a bed to cause a reaction strike is very satisfying, but it can be slow and requires excellent boat control or shallow water anchoring. Another thing to consider... any big female taken off of the bed during the spawn will not be there to protect her eggs, so those eggs will not survive.

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