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    Clarks Hill - 2/26/2022

    By Brandon, in Public Log Entry, , 0 comments, 42 views
    Trip Date: 02/26/2022
    Location: Clarks Hill
    We started out fishing around some islands near the main channel where we had located fish the day before. The wind was blowing in from the opposite direction and the not as strong, so those fish were not there. We picked up a few fish here and there on points. 
    Later in the day, we were fishing a rocky point and stretch of bank in a Creek. We started catching largemouth in 4-8 ft. of water. Multiple fish came from the point, while only a few fish came from the rocky bank. Don was fishing with a shakey head and caught some fish, but the Neko rig with watermelon candy out performed the shakey head.  We were unable to find any larger fish. In these same areas, fish did not seem to want to chase crank baits or spinner baits. 
    Fish seemed to be moving in to spawn, but no beds were noted. 

    October 12, 2021 on Lake Hartwell

    By Brandon, in Public Log Entry, , 0 comments, 81 views
    Trip Date: 10/16/2021
    Location: Lake Hartwell
    We started on the morning fishing shaky head and niko rig near the base of an overflow dam. While we caught a few fish, there was no size and definitely no numbers. We started to fish out towards the mouth of the creek with shaky head when we noticed a school of fish near the main point using the Humminbird 360. We started throwing a 1/2 ounce and 3/4 tail spin into the school, based on the location on the 360. We started catching fish - although the silver tailspin was more productive than the gold. Once we switched both lures to a silver tail spin, we were both catching spotted bass, and in good numbers and some with good size.  We proceeded to catch about 40 total fish, all while following the school on the 360 and making long casts, letting the lure sink 10-20 feet and retrieving using and stop/go retrieve. We were able to stay on this same school for a couple of hours and we left the fish biting at about 2:30. 

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