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Lake Powell Water Level

Water Level

Current Water Level is 3571.60 feet, 128 feet below full pool of 3700.00 feet.

last updated on 12/31/2023

Be Prepared - Know Before You Go

Lake Powell is located in the following states. Review the boating and fishing laws before you go.



Water Level History

About Lake Powell

Lake Powell, situated in the Colorado River Basin, is a critical element of the water supply for numerous states in the Southwest, making it a vital piece of infrastructure for both state and federal governments. The water controlled by Lake Powell is essential in providing access to drinking and irrigation water for hundreds of thousands of people, while also serving as a source for hydroelectric power generation. The dam, which stands at an elevation of 3,700 feet above sea level, was built to regulate the flow of the Colorado River and provide power generation. The construction of the dam was necessary due to the hydrologic conditions of the region, which were becoming increasingly unpredictable and threatened water resources. Additionally, the management of the lake's water level is meticulously regulated to ensure optimal conditions for both water supply and power generation.

Furthermore, its strategic location between Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico makes it indispensable for recreational activities such as rafting on the Grand Canyon portions of the Colorado River. Despite fluctuations caused by large seasonal storms, constant upkeep and advancements have maintained Lake Powell at an optimal level for all who depend on it.

Level Information

Data Provided by: US Geological Survey

Lake Level Managed by: US Bureau of Reclamation

Dam: Glen Canyon Dam

Lake Details

Surface Area: 161,390 acres

River System: Colorado River

Downstream: Lake Mead


About Bass Intelligence Level Data

Bass Intelligence collects daily water level data from public sources around the country. This data is displayed in either MSL (mean sea level) or a datum level and a difference from full pool is provided. The reliable and accurate water levels from Bass Intelligence supports boating safety, trip planning, and level offset information that can be used in depth finder mapping software for accurate contour depths based on today's lake levels.

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    Lake Powell

    Current Lake Level


    -139 feet below full pool
    Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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