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    The Bass Intelligence Staff and Moderators have had experience or used certain products that could be beneficial to our members. These products are categorized in this database with information, ratings and links to purchase. As our community grows, our product recommendations will continue to grow as well.
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      Having a GoPro mounted on the boat will ensure that you capture your big catch. It is also perfect for vlogging or YouTube anglers. The video quality is awesome and paired with a power supply or extra batteries and a  memory card up to 512GB, you can capture a full day of fishing. 
      Pair this with the YoloTek Powerstick and you can capture the whole field of view from the back of the boat. 

    • Yo-Zuri SuperBraid is a great braid that wont break the bank.  Available in 4 colors and line strength from 10 - 60 pound test, Yo-Zuri SuperBraid will fit any application where braid is needed. It is also available in bulk, for those of us that need it. Once a Pro Angler on the MLF tour introduced me to Yo-Zuri, I haven't looked back. 
      If you  aren't happy with your current braid and you have not tried Yo-Zuri, give it a try. 
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      Power Steering meets Spot-Lock in the Minn Kota® Ultrex Bow Mount Trolling Motor with i-Pilot™, US2 the most advanced trolling motor to date. Featuring all the control of a Fortrex® plus the capabilities of i-Pilot and now Bluetooth® connectivity, the Minn Kota Ultrex Bow Mount Trolling Motor with i-Pilot stands above imitators' trolling motors and creates a class all its own.
      This trolling motor combines the feel of cable steer with control of electric steer. The motor is well built and strong as previous Minn Kota models, but this model is by far the best to date. Coupled with the Humminbird One-Boat network, it works seamlessly with your Humminbird fish finder. 
      Spot lock is probably the most popular feature, and for good reason. With spot lock, you can keep the front of your boat in a general position via a GPS position lock. This allows you to focus on your fishing, your tackle or anything else that could take you away from your trolling motor pedal. While this is not the only feature, that feature alone is worth the money. 
      With built in sonar and the use of a compatible Humminbird fish finder, there is no need for additional cables. Mounting Mega 360 and Mega Live is also very easy and adds the best technology available to your boat and the Minn Kota Ultrex. 

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